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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  April 4, 2017 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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>> time to go back, all right. >> see you as mike tells us about the weather. >> >> let's go. all right. we are locked and loaded this morning, high clouds over taking our neighborhoods. they're about 16,000 feet up so you may see radar returns if you're following live doppler 7 on our app. rest assured that won't make it to the ground. sutro tower as the backdrop, your 12-hour day planner. 45 to 54. seasonably cool to mild this morning at noon, 58 at the coast, 67 inland. above average, 62 at the coast and 55 to 64 at 7:00. did you notice the high clouds will be dominant but you'll still need the sunglasses today but that will change quickly come thursday. more on that. let's see what sue was working on to the last minute. >> you can see the bay bridge toll plaza but we had an accident reported in the maze. our spider friend is back on the screen there. i was on the phone with the chp
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trying to get the exact location of this accident coming eastbound -- pardon me, westbound 580 to eastbound 80 that will be in the middle of the maze. there's a new accident. this is westbound 24 to westbound 580. so lots of activity in that one area that i was trying to sort out for you. i hope i've done a good job. one accident in the maze, one accident on the transition from 24 to 508. clearing that up, we'll get back on the phone with the chp and let you know more in a few minutes. >> very busy, thank you so much, sue. developing news, take a look at your screen. san francisco police want you to look at this man, he is accused of assaulting women on municipally trains. >> abc 7 news kate larson alive along the n-judah line at duboce park. case? >> reporter: at least one of those assaults took place on the
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n-judah and that suspect's photo is now circulating on line, prompting more victims to come forward while police try and track him down. let's take another look at that photo, victims witnesses, and police say this man is sexually assaulting women on san francisco muni lines. he spoke to a whom to who says the suspect banked up against her last thursday on to be -- on the n-judah. a man riding an inbound train said he recognized the suspect from a next door post and observed him approaching several women. >> he sort of grabbed this woman and like rubbed up against her as he got off the train. i ran to try to get help from police or from muni. >> what angers me mostly is not only what he did to me but realizing this man has a repeated history and record of blatantly doing this so i want
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him doing this stopped. >> reporter: sfpd are actively searching muni lines trying to find the suspect. they say they would like the public to be aware and keep their wits about them while they're on muni and go ahead and report anything they see or experience that may be suspicious. the witness observed a lot of these women who became victims were distracted by their cell phones so maybe when you're riding public transportation keep your head up and wits about you. live in san francisco, kate larson, abc 7, back to you. >> palo alto police are looking for a man they say is responsible for two prowling incidents last night in the college terrace neighborhood. police say the first incident happened on yale street when a man rang a doorbell of a woman's home then walked away when she asked what he wanted. the second incident was on college avenue when the suspect was standing in the bushes trying to look into a bedroom window. the suspect is described in his 40s and 50s, six feet tall with
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brown hair. water officials in san francisco are taking steps towards construction projects to reduce this, flooding in city streets but they're facing opposition. according to the examiner, caltrans does not want to work on two projects, one at the cul-de-sac on cayuga avenue and the other 17th and folsom streets. the agency says no matter what they do those locations will be a place where water will end up during storms. those two projects would cost the city more than $160 million. the numbers are in following this winter's crazy storms and they don't look good. according to the "l.a. times," it will cost the state $860 million to fix all the highways and bridges damaged by rain and flooding, the most expensive project, this one, the repair work to replace the 200-foot section of highway 35 that washed away near los gatos. the expected price there, 30 million bucks. president trump just approved more federal aid to all nine bay
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area counties. an investigation into a crash that killed a pedestrian. the person was hit by a car on monterey road and rotor road around 8:00 last night. the driver then crashed into a tree. the driver is cooperating in the investigation. this is san jose's 12th deadly crash this year. just coming into our live desk, a san diego couple attacked at ran gulf of mexico in front of their home, the man in the couple, his head was reportedly bashed open with a rock. i want to show you new video from our abc affiliate in san diego and this is the confrontation between police and the suspect. this happened a few blocks away from those attacks. you see there police and canine units and the suspect up on that fence. he actually, though gets stuck on to the fence and police -- you'll see in just a few seconds him kind of squirming there on
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the fence trying to get away but police had to rip him off, his pants off as well to get that guy on to the ground and into handcuffs. police say the attacker had no motive, he did not know his victims. as for the victim whose head was bashed in with a rock, no word on how he is doing this morning. we're working on getting more information but that video just coming in. you see them struggling to get him down. >> i've never seen anything like this. >> jessica, thank you. a restaurant owner says hate will not keep him from supporting the rights of immigrants and muslims in oakland. the owner of ba-bite on piedmont avenue claims someone vandalize add window where he hangs a sanctuary restaurant sign. they serve dishes from middle eastern nations and many workers are immigrants. >> they come here, it's a safe place and it should be a safe place for them, for myself, my wife and our customers and i won't take them down. >> the owner reported the
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landism wi vandalism to police and to congresswoman barbara lee. an issue coming up is h1b visas. the trump administration wants to reserve these for what they're calling very high-skilled professionals so computer programmers may no longer be automatically el i didn't believe. the new guideline puts the burden on the companies to prove a foreign worker is uniquely qualified for a position. this translates into a lot of money many startups don't have. >> startups can barely afford to go through the h-1b process. the lawyer fees are $10,000, $20,000 per applicant. >> h-1b visas are limited and awarded through a lottery system. california has the highest number of applicants and the process to apply began yesterday. >> it's equal payday. up next, the special discounts being offered to women to highlight the gender pay gap. highlight the gender pay gap. ikea has a new
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manhole in a convenience store. >> wait, wait, wait. hold on. >> the customer is like, yeah. >> this is so bugs bunny is all i can think of. >> see the magic next "right this minute." check out our uniform our san francisco neighborhoods are. downtown is 55. a little warmer there.
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mid-40s to low 50s just about everywhere this morning. our destination, mid to upper 60s half moon bay. 71 to 77 for the rest of us with high clouds and sunshinene. all is quiet on the san mateo bridge. has transit will be good today. let's look at tonight's temperatures. mid-40s to low 50s once again. if you're traveling around the state we'll have 70s and 80s down south, 55 in tahoe with a massive storm coming to tahoe thursday. sue? >> we'll take a look at the east shore freeway. if your drive takes you from hercules, highway 4 all the way down through the corridor into the berkeley area, about a 45-minute drive with things starting to thinning up on that corridor between berkeley and into the macarthur maze. a couple issues to tell you about the. the bart delay is recovered and no problems there.
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ace trains number 1 and 3 moving on time as is cal train as well. a couple accidents towards the mcarthur maze, we'll update that in a couple minutes. at 6:00, prince's ex-wife opens up about her life with the musical icon. the revealing and emotional interview next. interview next. plus this this this this is my body of proof. proof of less joint pain and clearer skin. this is my body of proof that i can take on psoriatic arthritis with humira. humira works by targeting and helping to block a specific source of inflammation that contributes to both joint and skin symptoms. it's proven to help relieve pain, stop further joint damage, and clear skin in many adults. humira is the #1 prescribed biologic for psoriatic arthritis. humira can lower your ability to fight infections, including tuberculosis. serious, sometimes fatal infections and cancers, including lymphoma, have happened; as have blood, liver, and nervous system problems, serious allergic reactions,
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tension moments at a distribution center for michael kors last night. a small plane landed in the parking lot. not clear why the pilot landed there. fortunately no one was hurt. new video shows a close call for a moat storcyclist in austr. a truck loses a mattress and goes right into the math of that motorcyclist. that was close. so fear a major catastrophe, the rider pulls up on his handlebars and the mattress wedges underneath the bike. that move may have saved him from crashing. the motorcyclist -- the mattress helped keep the bike upright as he came to a stop. queensland police say they're still trying to find the driver of that truck. prince's first wife has a new memoir about their ten-year relationship. it's called "the most beautiful, my life with prince."
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she says her memoir is basically a love story about her time with the musical legend. she hopes her words will offer new insight into what prince was really like and help fans in the process of mourning his death. garcia stopped by gee may to promote her book and talked about her favorite prince memory. >> telling him i was pregnant. he was watching a game or something and i remember calling him over and he couldn't come other and i was like "hey!" and he looked at me and when i told him, his face was -- like -- it was amazing. >> sadly, garcia had a miscarriage. during the gma interview she talked about the drug use and overdose that ultimately led to prince's death. she said she had no idea he had an issue and thought music was his only drug. here's an interesting note, prince's song "the most beautiful girl in the world" was written about garcia, thus the title of her book. we have new details on a plan to bring ikea to dublin.
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we are learning about major changes to the design after lots of community protests. ikea released a new image of the property at i-580 and hacienda drive. it shows much of the parking lot has been turned into open space for pedestrians, buildings for restaurants and retail. the huge parking lot has been moved underneath the store. ikea has been reduced by 30,000 square feet. the swedish home goods company says the store will create 350 new jobs in dublin. facebook executive sheryl sandberg is calling attention to the gender pay gap on this equal payday. it's a day to mark the wage discrepancies that still exist between men and women in the work force. she is standing behind a national retail campaign called "20% counts." the reasoning is this -- if a woman makes 20% less than a man, she should pay 20% less for the purchases she makes? today businesses in 25 cities are offering 20% discounts or special offers. you'll find a link to bay area businesses taking part on our
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web site, today it could be one of those days it might be worth going outside for your lunch. >> i think so today and tomorrow because then you'll be shut in thursday, friday, possibly saturday and not so much sunday but then there that's three days. here's san jose, the first signs of sunshine out there and the high clouds that are going to take over today. spring warmth and dry weather today and tomorrow. rain the possibility of lightning and thunder thursday, friday and saturday. windy and cooler for sure friday, saturday, sunday and monday. so spring warmth has a short shelf life. rain not reaching the ground even though if you're following us on our app you may see it from time to time on live doppler 7. it's bone dry below 16,000 feet. storm impact scale 1, light, mainly light showers across the north bay and breezy for all of us. so here we are wake up at 7:00 thursday morning, possibly heading out the door, cloudy, a few light showers up in the north bay through the noon hour
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and a few light showers for the rest of us near the coast as we head into the evening commute then look what happened. by 11:00, yellows and oranges develop and that's moderate to possibly heavy rain that will really mess up the community friday morning. for thursday afternoon in the north bay and north of the san mateo bridge there's a possibility of being wet. here's my accuweather seven-day forecast. friday storms a 2, saturday a 1, sunday looking dry. but 10 to 15 degrees cooler than today or tomorrow. sue, how is the commute? it's tough southbound 101, you're slow till highway 37. this is past the civic center so things are looking good here. a 23-minute drive down towards the golden gate bridge through marin county. we have a couple problem spots in the oakland area. in the oakland area. one is coming out of
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caldicott. chp said this is blocking westbound 580 to eastbound 580. slow traffic, that's the approach to the bay bridge toll plaza where you're looking at a 15-minute drive from the maez towar -- maze and sluggish upper deck into the city. are you looking for a new car that will give you the best bang for your buck. michael finney has the top rated rides. plus, the reason some experts are calling the raiders' stadium agreement in las vegas the worst deal ever. >> 6:20. a live look at the embarcadero. people waking up and getting going. going.
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ to take advantage of this offer on a volvo s90, visit your local dealer. welcome back. 6:23. it's been just eight days since the nfl owners voted to move the oakland raiders to las vegas. according to business insider now, the $750 million commitment of public money to build the stadium has one stanford economist calling it "the worst stadium deal for a city." residents would pay about $354 each taken from an increased tax on hotel rooms. economists say the tax is already in place and pays for
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schools and transportation so if the new tax on hotel rooms drives down prices, the money will come from schools and buses. if you think uber and tesla are leaders in the self-driving car race, i can't blame you but you're actually wrong. according to a new report released by clean tech market research firm navigan research, the top three spots are taken by ford, general motors and renault nissan alliance. uber and tesla aren't even in the top 10. apple's alleged autonomous vehicle project wasn't included in the study because the company hasn't acknowledged it's doing so. time to ask vfinney. cliff from san francisco has a question about buying one. >> he spoke to us at anyo finney event in daly city. >> i would like to know if i wanted to buy a good economy car, what would i get? >> cliff, i have two suggestions -- "consumer reports" picked their top cars in several categories.
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for subcompact, the 2017 toyota yaris ia is chosen for its fuel efficiency, price and being well equipped. now right now they go for between $15,000 and $17,000. chef lay has the cruze and it's been chosen by "consumer reports" as its top pick for compact vehicle. the price around $23,000. now i'll post a link to consumer reports' list of cop car picks. you can find it at and, cliff, i know what you're thinking, that doesn't seam cheap to me? doesn't seem cheap to me, either but thanks for your question. >> if you have a question for michael finney record it and share it on social media with the hashtag "ask finney" or go to you can see your question answered on abc 7 morning. a chance to voice your opinion on recreational pot in walnut creek. there's a public hearing where
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officials want to put the brakes on growing weed outdoors and permits for recreational use until they figure out a way to regulate it. california voters approved a ballot measure allowing recreational marijuana in november and the city council meeting will start at 4:30. showdown in the senate. republicans are promising president trump's supreme court nominee will be confirmed even if that means changing senate rules forever. a desperate search under way for a missing northern california woman. the growing mystery after cell phone pings led police to an empty truck. >> from the live desk, the latest on the russian subway bombing that killed 14 people. i'll have the newest information from overnight next. >> let's open up your weather window for your moment of zen. check out santa cruz. doesn't the water look inviting? it will be about 72 degrees there today. most of us about four to seven degrees warmer than average degrees warmer than average
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good morning, almost 6:30, welcome to tuesday, april 4. sue hall in for alexis. >> good to see you. >> the whole team back here. mike, you're bringing us great weather today. >> i hope you like the warm weather, that's what we have. we have high clouds and maybe not quite as sunny as yesterday
6:30 am
but i promise you it will feel good outside. here's live doppler 7. you can see how die from it is. here's a look from san rafael south on 101. also 24-hour day planner. 50s for the most part through 9:00. we'll stay in the 50s at noon, 63 to 67 for the rest of us. 72 to 74 with much lighter breezes at 4:00, mid-60s at 7:00. one more day of this and then the rain train begins. more on that coming up. here's sue. >> we're going to go to the bay bridge toll plaza all jammed up. metering lights were on at 5:28. you're looking at 15 minutes to get to the toll plaza from the backup to the maze and then a little sluggish on the span into san francisco. new problem now in the fremont hayward area. this is southbound 880 near tennyson. you can see slow traffic coming from hayward 238 to the scene. you're looking at an 18-minute
6:31 am
delay if you're headed on the nimitz freeway southbound. >> sue, thank you. we are tracking developing news in the south bay. police are searching for the person who stabbed two people on the guadalupe river trail. matt keller is live in san jose. matt? >> reporter: good morning, natasha, since i last saw you, the crime scene cleanup crew has arrived here and has been washing the ground here near the guadalupe river park trail. i'll give you an idea of where we're at. this is the pwc building and the oracle building. this is the san jose convention center right here, downtown san jose as well and around the corner is the children's discovery museum and also the s.a. p. center. this was a violent scene along the guadalupe river a police lieutenant explained what happened jnch. >> two victims were stabbed multiple times. the suspect is outstanding and at this time we believe the
6:32 am
victims will have some recovery but will be non-life threat threatening. >> reporter: that's the key. two people injured but expected to survive. nobody was killed in this violent attack. this is in the downtown area around the corner from the children's discovery center. there are multiple crime scenes here. officers collected evidence for several hours. they broke down the crime scene tape at 4:15 wrapping up this on scene investigation. a lot more for them do including interviewing the victims. police were asked about a description on the suspect and they say they don't have much to go on. reporting live from san jose, matt keller, abc 7 news. >> matt, thank you. happening today, an arraignment for a man charged with kidnapping and raping a napa teenager. police say timothy marble picked up the 13-year-old at a gas station friday after she ran away from home. she escaped the next day by jumping out of marble's moving truck on highway 1 near bodega bay. detectives say during the
6:33 am
50-mile ride he smoked marijuana with the girl, raped her multiple times, injected her with meth and then used a razor blade to carve his name into her skin. then, very surprising move, marble called 911 after the teen jumped from his pickup. once officers got there, the teen walked out from the bushs where she was hiding and police arrested marble. investigators trying to determine what caused a fast-moving fire in san francisco's height ashbury. the fire tore through three condos and firefighters called for a second alarm to keep the flames from spreading. no one was hurt but a cat is missing. a bill to make california a sanctuary state is headed to the assembly. it cleared a major hurdle in sacramento. state senators voted 27-12 to approve the california values act. the bill would limit how much california law enforcement could cooperate with federal immigration agents. the senate also passed a bill that would create a $12 million legal defense fund for grimts facing deportations except those
6:34 am
convicts of a felony. the push for president trump's pick for the supreme court is turning into a showdown in the senate. a handful of democrats said they will support judge neil gorsuch but the majority are planning to filibuster his nomination. republicans say they will change the senate rules to stop any filibuster azblemt there has never been a partisan filibuster of a supreme court nominee in history. i question what a seven-month roe fuse refusal to hold a hearing or vote is if not the longest partisan phil buster on this committee. >> if they will filibuster neil gorsuch they will filibuster any nominee from a republican president. >> senate democrats are expected to get guidance from their leadership on how they should treat the next few days leading up to and during the rules change. new this morning, russian investigators have identified the attacker in yesterday's deadly bombing in st. petersburg
6:35 am
russia, as a 22-year-old man from kyrgyzstan. they say he was a suicide bomber. they also say he obtained russian citizenship. investigators think he is the suspect based on a body found near the explosive device found in the third carriage of the train. meanwhile, i should note, the death toll went up overnight. now 14 people killed in the bombing. there are 49 people still hospitalized right now. at least four of those said to be in critical condition. russia is observing a three-day mourning period. reggie, natasha, back to you. >> jessica, thank you. firefighters are watching for flare-ups from this massive fire at a food processing plant in south l.a. these flames broke out around 8:00 at the plant near the l.a. coliseum. it took 170 firefighters to get it under control. you can see the flames tearing through the roof there. apparently it was fuelled by a broken natural gas line. arson investigators are expected to start combing through the rubble this morning. there is a search to tell you
6:36 am
about for a missing 20-year-old. she has not been seen since last week alicia yeoman never showed up to her job at mcdonnel's in the town of gridly, a town about 60 miles north of sacramento off highway 99. authorities tracked her cell phone pinging to an empty field in nearby yuba city. when they got to the scene the phone was nowhere to be found. late last night her empty 1998 toyota tacoma pickup was found outside gridly in nearby sutter county, 11 miles from where her cell phone was believed to be. a man and dog died after a boat they were on capsized off the coast of marin county. brian ho, the dog and chin san were heading huge wave knocked their boat over. ho drowned while he was trying to save the dog. the only survivor, san, who tried to help but the waves were too strong. he says he was so exhausted he doesn't now he survived?
6:37 am
>> i'm so tired, i'm so sad, i cannot -- sorry. >> another heartbreaking aspect to this story, friends who were waiting on ho to pick them upping on a nearby shore helplessly watched as the tragedy unfolded. they all worked together attica seen kn -- at casino matrix in san jose. save injection sites are places where drug users would be able to shoot up under supervision. the "san francisco examiner" says the board president will push to form a task force to study this issue. seattle plans to open the country's first safe injection site this year. the san jose city council will consider a recommendation to donate cars to good l in an effort to replace flood victims' cars. they want to donate up to 20
6:38 am
cars to goodwill of silicon valley. the city council will meet at 1:30 this afternoon. >> well, let's talk temperatures, orinda, castro valley, some of your warmer temperatures along the east bay. we're around 50 to 51, san carlos, san jose. 48 plea 50 in santa rosa, napa. today mid to upper 60s half moon bay, san francisco, oakland, the rest of us 71 to 61. lighter breezes if you're on the water. watch out for the pollen. you can see sunshine in the south bay, oak, pine, juniper, birch and mull bur mulberrmulber
6:39 am
the big story coming up, thursday, friday and saturday, look at those chances of rain more on that next. here's sue. we'll look at your drive times, if you are heading out, highway 4 westbound into the concord area from antioch is 40 minutes. westbound 84 you're looking at a half hour and to the south bay, highway 87 to 85 a nice ten-minute jaunt for you. otherwise we're looking at patchy areas of slow traffic. southbound the nimitz always a grind and even furthered so by an accident near tennyson southbound 880 for an 18 to 20-minute drive from hayward 238 to the scene of that accident. we'll come back and look at your north bay commute in just a few. >> this is how the party started in north carolina last night. a time lapse showing you the mob of tar heel fans coming together in chapel hill.
6:40 am
they're celebrating north carolina's win in the men's mabl national championship. and this is what happened next. students getting a little out of control. you see these guys on top of a poll. you see fireworks went off and the school was asking people to avoid the traditional celebratory bonfire. obviously they ignored those requests. in end, seven people got hurt, four burned. the streets were cleaned and reopened around 11:00 p.m. our time. >> your pg&e bill will be less this month. this month. the reason we're getting
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life's bleachable moments need clorox bleach. we have an alert for muni riders in san francisco. this is important to know as you get ready for the commute. one woman came forward on smeed and since then several others say they were sexually assaulted too. kate larson is live along the will have j -judah line this morning. >> reporter: one of the assaults took place on the n-judah. the suspect is known to have been assaulting other women on other muni lines throughout the city. let's look at his photo which has been circulating online.
6:44 am
more people continue to come forward as they see this man. victims, witnesses and police say he is sexually assaulting women on san francisco muni lines. one assault took place on the outbound n-judah. the victim tells us she recognized the man rubbing up against her as the same man she saw inappropriately touching another woman several weeks ago also on muni. >> >> i felt somebody banging against me as i was sitting down and when i looked up and saw other people looking at me very strangely i turned over and i saw the same >> reporter: sfpd says they are actively searching muni lines trying to find this man and they would like the public to be on the lookout as well. they believe there may be more victims out there since one this man's photo was posted on apps like next door and social media sites, more witnesses and victims started to come forward.
6:45 am
best to keep your wits about you. kate larson, abc 7 news. >> scary stuff. hopefully they catch that guy. a former prostitute convicted in the death of a google executive is fighting to stay in the u.s. alex tichelman served nearly two years in the santa cruz county jail. she was released last week and was immediately taken into custody by immigration agents. she was born in canada. she pled guilty in 2015 to involuntary manslaughter for the death of her client, forest hayes. police say she injected the married father of five with heroin and when he started to overdose, she stepped over his body and left him. many oakland residents are questioning whether the city is doing enough to protect people from unsafe buildings. this question comes after two deadly fires in the last four months. oakland's catch me if you can k is blamed for the ghost ship fire in december. 36 lives lost now the meade fire
6:46 am
last week where four perished. mayor libby schaaf says she has a new plan now. she wants to increase the number of fire inspectors from six to 12. she says they will modify the pay schedule to pay for them before the budget is finalized. >> the idea is to make these buildings safe before it comes to conditions that would require red tagging. >> the city intends to increase blue tagging that allows landlords to fix code violations without displacing residents. >> you may remember a controversial california law giving undocumented immigrants driver's licenses. a new study shows it is, in fact, making our roads safer, or at least there appears to be a correlation. this is out of stanford, the study tracked data since the law took effect. it finds hit-and-run accidents have gone down 7% in the first year. the law prevents officials from reporting ab-60 drivers to immigration officials. the study authors say this means drivers are less likely to flee
6:47 am
the scene of a crash because they don't fear deportation. happening right now, a hearing on president trump's possible border fence. this is the homeland security committee, a live look from washington, d.c. and senators are discussing installing fencing along the southwest border of the united states along the border with mexico and who these senators are peeking with at the hearings are david aguilar, the former acting commissioner of u.s. customs and borders protection and ronald coal bu co coleburn. as you probably know, president trump ran his campaign on the idea that he wanted to build a waltham. has since turned into the idea of building a fence and today's hearing comes on the same day that the first design proposals are due from contractors hoping to build that fence so we'll keep an eye on the hearings as they proceed throughout the morning. natasha, back to you.
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>> jessica, thank you. there are bikes for the mountains and open road but one san francisco shops specializes in bikes made for our city, specifically to make them harder to steal and easier to find if they get stolen. every customer at michigan bicycle gets bike lock training but just in case a rider gets sloppy or forgetful, bikes come with a special security bolt that keeps the wheels and saddle from being pulled off and sold at chop shops. mission bicycle build a gps tracking device right into the frame of your bike. riders can use their smartphones to help police track down the stolen bike. on to your morning money report, your pg&e will be will be lower than it should be this month. >> the state is giving california consumers a climate credit. they'll get a credit of $17.40 in their april bill. the money comes from a fee the state charges companies that produce greenhouse gases, the credit is not collected to your electricity use. >> you will soon be able to get
6:49 am
your u.p.s. deliveries on saturday. this change the year history. saturday delivery is expected to rop roll out in a few weeks. it's being tested in atlanta, los angeles and philly. >> if you didn't get to be there, check out the time lapse of the oakland a's game last night. opening night seemed to be a big hit. >> fans fired up their grills and raised a toast to the new season. food and fun weren't the only reasons to show up, though. >> it's -- i'm all about family time. i love being with my family and it's just about bringing people together. >> for me it's a lot about the camaraderie coming out, hanging out with friends, kind of a rebirth during spring. >> and mike -- >> the best reason to be there. >> still doing it. the a's beat the l.a. angels 4-2. game two is tonight. happening today, free cone day at ben & jerry's. you can pick up a free cone at participating location from noon to 8:00 tonight.
6:50 am
there are seven locations taking part in the bay area, oakland, berkeley, napa and four in san francisco. we do have the full list online. mike, you best believe i already mapped out the location closest to me. >> absolutely. and we just looked up the top baked. there you go. >> half baked? what's that? >> oh, you know, just chocolate and vanilla ice cream with chocolate chip pieces and cookie dough. >> oh, my goodness, siri, where's the nearest ben & jerry's? >> the macy's at union square. >> we're there 9:00 when we get our lunch break. here's a look, a colorful sun rise trying to overtake us. unsettled pattern develops thursday and the strongest storm arrives friday. storm track still moving to the north but this bowl of cold air and the unsettled weather with it will move our way but not until thursday so expect warm
6:51 am
weather today. if you're going to the game tonight your first place oakland a's, 64 your first pitch temperature dropping down to 58. storm impact scale, the first storm is thursday, it's mainly light showers across the north bay to the evening hours. wake up at 7:00 thursday morning just mainly cloudy. stray shower across the north bay. you can see stray showers elsewhere by 5:00 and a better chance of moderate to heavy rain during the overnight and through friday morning when we have our first real test for a wet commute. you see a couple hundreds outthere from the san mateo bridge northward so not a big issue. friday is light ninning possibl. scattered showers and thunderstorms saturday, light on our scale, sunday looks dry. we head to the richmond/san rafael bridge into marin county stacking up. that is the fast track lanes
6:52 am
backed up. the cash lanes are moving nicely as a matter of fact. that's kind of aaronic, a bit of a delay, 10 minutes to the t p plaza. the 808 overcrossing with 101 underneath. the headlights headed in the northbound direction, all is well. we just had a word from chp they have cleared the accident in hayward near tennyson. southbound 880 hayward/fremont area. but the back up towards 92 still remains from 238 for about a ten-minute drive in towards the toll plaza and a further delay there across the san mateo -- pardon me, towards san mateo. we'll look at your drive times in our next report. we're back in 90 seconds with the seven things you need to know before you go. >> let's look at our instagram picture of the day, shall we? wait, this is our instagram picture of the day. >> hello, man on the moon. >> the moon? okay. abc 7 news bay area, the place where you can follow to see more
6:53 am
great pictures like these. great pictures like these. usually it's pictures of the great pictures like these. usually it's pictures of the ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ to take advantage of this offer on a volvo s90,
6:54 am
visit your local dealer. it's 6:54. here are the 7 things you need to know. we start in san francisco where police are looking for the man you see on your gene. he's accused of groping and assaulting women on muni. police say he approached women on several muni lines and rubbed up against them. from the live desk, san jose police are searching for the
6:55 am
suspect in a violent stabbing attack on two people. it happened along the guadalupe river trail. victims were taken to the hospital. they are expected to be okay. number three, the cost to fix highways and bridges damaged by the rain and flooding has hit $860 million. the "l.a. times" says the most expensive single project is replacing the section of highway 35 that washed away here in los gatos. that's expected to be nearly $30 million. let's talk about a mild morning out there. temperatures running in the mid-40s to mid-50s. there's going to be cloud cover out there but don't worry about it for the kids at the bus stop, it will remain dry, 63 to 73. get them outside if you can after school. >> we are checking a new accident coming in for the peninsula. this is 101 near shoreline near redwood city. i'm not seeing delays yet but two left lanes are blocked here. >> today is equal payday to highlight the fact women are still paid 20% less than men on
6:56 am
average. sa sheryl sandberg launching a campaign called "20% counts" and some bay area businesses are offering 20% discounts today. number 7, shine bright like a diamond, like a $71 million diamond. take a look. stunning. 59.6 carat diamond known as the pink star sold for $71.2 million at auction. >> natasha, you have to go to hong kong if you want it. it went to a jewelry store there. >> there you go. >> that's where you were! >> worth the trip.
6:57 am
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